Start Trading with TradeVSA SMARTRobie® App

SMARTRobie® is a simple mobile app where you can get unlimited assistance of share analysis, price check, other stock trading consideration from an AI investing bot powered by TradeVSA, independence and unbiased!

Download SMARTRobie® app on your mobile device for free and start trading with it.

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Trade with our TradeVSA Pentagon Guider® System

The SMARTRobie® App comes with TradeVSA Pentagon Guider® System Chart that provides Technical Indicators, a clear Buy signal (Green Pentagon) or Sell signal (Red Pentagon) on TradeVSA charts.

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Perfect Tools for every investor

Perfect for New millennials and beginners to the stock market. From instant stock checkups, buy & sell indicator, trading plan to Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis proprietary ratings to discover "Hidden Jewels" stocks.

  • Trending Stocks.
  • Individual Stock Fundamental Analysis with Target Price.
  • Intrinsic Value Calculation with Relative Intrinsic.
  • Trading Plan for Share.
  • Exit Strategy for All Shares.
  • AI suggestion for other shares that is doing well now.
  • And more.

Not ready to trade in the real world?

Start by practicing to trade virtually with our Virtual Trading Platform. You can trade stocks from Bursa Malaysia, NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX stock exchanges and also trade crpytocurrencies. Browse and join trading competitions hosted by TradeVSA, use virtual cash for trading in the platform and compete with other traders.

Download SMARTRobie® App and use TradeVSA Pentagon Guider® System to assist you in trading your favourite stocks in the virtual trading competition and check out how well you will perform.

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Our Virtual Trade Platform Offers:

  • Trading competitions with different starting capitals, leverages, volume restrictions and margin requirements.
  • Bursa Malaysia, NASDAQ, NYSE, HKSE, SGX stock exchanges, and Virtual Cryptocurrencies Trading Platform.
  • Stock quotes and historical charts.
  • Instant trade execution.
  • Real-time position valuation (equity, profit / loss, free margin).
  • Competition leaderboard and global rankings.
  • In-depth trading statistics.
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Please be advised that virtual stock trading is conducted using delayed price feeds, which may be delayed by 10 to 20 minutes or more. As a result, prices displayed may not reflect real-time market conditions.

Additionally, traders have the ability to buy and sell securities at any time during market hours, but transactions executed in this virtual environment do not impact real financial markets.

It's important to understand that virtual trading is for educational and informational purposes only, and participants should not base real investment decisions solely on virtual trading outcomes. Always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

TradeVSA Members Success Story

See our TradeVSA Members results and top successes in our previous virtual trading competition with SMARTRobie® and Pentagon Guider®

Virtual Trading Leaderboard

*Additionally, check out the monthly performance of the Co-Founder of TradeVSA (Martin Wong) Here

Frequently asked questions

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TradeVSA System Premium Membership

Join our TradeVSA Premium Membership. Just ONE Price for your access to more than 51 markets with Pentagon Guider Charts!

What you will get:

  • TradeVSA Pentagon Guider System (Stock | Futures | Crypto)
  • TradeVSA Bull & Bear TrendZone
  • TradeVSA Sign of Strength & Weakness (Stock | Futures | Crypto)
  • TradeVSA Trendlines
  • TradeVSA Bullish & Bearish HeatZone
  • TradeVSA Market Stages
  • TradeVSA Peak Valley
  • Visual Trading Plan (New)
  • Insider Buy & Sell (New)
  • VSA Daily Screeners
  • Daily Support & Discussion via Telegram Group & Channel
  • Weekly Member Live Trading Session
  • Monthly Member VSA Training
  • Video Tutorial Online > 12 hours of lessons, tips and experience sharing

Premium Membership Pricing

TradeVSA Premium Membership (12-months)

RM 2,688 /12 months

TradeVSA Premium Membership (6-months)

RM 1,600 /6 months

TradeVSA Premium Membership (3-months)

RM 1,000 /3 months

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Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. There are risks involved in buying and selling shares. Please have proper risk management when trading shares as a loss of money is highly probable.